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  • Does the JCP Executive Committee receive information about my use of the JCP?
  • Shepell, the company that administers your counselling, provides the JCP Executive Committee with periodic statistical reports with non-identifying information, such as the number of people who have used the services and a summary of the kinds of issues presented. These reports do not include names or any other identifying information and uphold our commitment to maintain the anonymity and confidentiality of anyone using the JCP.

  • If the JCP counsellor refers me to an outside resource, who pays the bills?
  • Your provincial health plan or medical benefit plan may cover these costs. It is the individual’s responsibility to find out which services outside of the JCP are covered by benefits.

  • My spouse is experiencing emotional stress. Should he go to a private practitioner or to the JCP?
  • There are different avenues of help for people experiencing emotional stress. The decision of whether to go to a private practitioner or to access counselling through the JCP is a personal one. However, it is important to keep in mind that your JCP offers counselling for a wide range of problems, including emotional stress, and that these services are provided at no cost. When a spouse or other eligible family members accesses JCP services, confidentiality is maintained from all other family members.

  • I suspect my child may be using drugs. Can the JCP help me?
  • Yes. You should contact the JCP to determine the most effective role you as the parent can take in addressing your child’s potential drug problem. The JCP can also help you in coping with the stress usually associated with this type of problem.